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Press Release

Citizens Against Government Waste Names FTC Chair Lina Khan September 2023 Porker of the Month

FTC Chair Lina Khan is requesting a massive 37 percent budget increase.

Alexandra Abrams September 14, 2023
Agency Comments

CAGW Files Comments on Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice Draft Merger Guidance

The draft merger guidance will reduce competition and impose burdensome requirements on businesses across all industries. 

Eric Maus September 13, 2023
The WasteWatcher

CA Legislature and Gov. Newsom Should Reject Raising Taxes to Subsidize Strikers

SB 799 would extend unemployment benefits to workers on strike, delay the state's debt repayment, and raise payroll tax rates.

Alec Mena September 8, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Wealthy Counties Still Flush with COVID Cash

Local governments continue to spend left-over "fiscal recovery" funds on wish list projects with no accountability from Congress.

Alec Mena September 5, 2023
Press Release

Citizens Against Government Waste Releases Issue Brief on the Benefits of Tobacco Harm Reduction Products

CAGW's new issue brief details the benefits of tobacco harm reduction products.

Alexandra Abrams August 31, 2023

Tobacco Harm Reduction Products Should Be Promoted Not Prohibited

CAGW’s issue brief demonstrates that tobacco harm reduction products are less dangerous alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

CAGW Staff August 30, 2023
The WasteWatcher

USF Reforms Should Include Replacing Lifeline with ACP

The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste offered its views on Universal Service reform to Congress on August 24, 2023.

Deborah Collier August 25, 2023
Press Release

CAGW Names House Energy-Water Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Chuck Fleischmann August 2023 Porker of the Month

House Energy-Water Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Chuck Fleischmann received $273.3 million in pork-barrel earmarks.

Alexandra Abrams August 24, 2023
The WasteWatcher

The 340B Drug Discount Program Needs an Overhaul

CAGW has long been concerned with the misuse of the 340B Program.  

Christina Smith August 16, 2023

Biden is trying to shift the cost of student loans to taxpayers — again

Any attempt to forgive student loan debt unilaterally is extremely costly and unfair to taxpayers.

Eric Maus August 16, 2023
The WasteWatcher

Eastern Tennessee: Where Broadband Goes Bust

Government-owned broadband networks have failed across the country, but public utilities in Tennessee want to build them anyway.

Alec Mena August 15, 2023
The WasteWatcher

A Disturbing Trend for Broadband Deployment

With $42.5 billion available for broadband deployment, funding should be available regardless of technology or vendor type.

Deborah Collier August 11, 2023


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