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Member Profile - Vincent Stanley


CAGW President’s Club and J. Peter Grace Legacy Society member Vincent J. Stanley was a philanthropist, family man, community leader, entrepreneur, and conservative activist. 

Born in 1916 in Scranton, Pa., Vincent founded V.J. Stanley, Inc., a wholesale supplier of hot water controls, circulators, and heaters in 1951. As a businessman, he maintained a lifelong commitment to putting service before profit, and told us he was drawn to CAGW in part because of this commitment: He wanted the federal government to follow his lead and take care of its customers – America’s taxpayers.

Vincent revealed that his support for CAGW was also driven by his concern over “the size of the federal deficit” and national debt. When he made that statement in 2005, the debt stood at $8 trillion; today it has surpassed $22 trillion.

A longtime, enthusiastic supporter of CAGW from 1989 until his death in 2012, Vincent helped to advance CAGW’s mission not only through his generous personal financial support, but also by soliciting his friends and business associates throughout New York to back our efforts.

By leaving a bequest to CAGW in his will, Vincent also ensured a legacy of promoting limited, financially sound government to allow Americans to pursue their dreams through hard work, respecting the value of a dollar, and giving back to their communities, as he did.

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