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WasteWatcher is CAGW's monthly dispatch to members of the news media. Culled from dense General Accounting Office reports, obscure news items, and the occasional account of a whistleblower, WasteWatcher's stories captured headlines by transforming the dry matter of federal financial management into side-splitting -- albeit infuriating -- tales of government ineptitude.

The North Carolina Winston-Salem Journal said of WasteWatcher that it is "a monthly publication that probably deserves wider dissemination than it gets...even heavily discounted to allow for the ax CAGW is grinding, the news from its reports is high in shock value and humor (of the gallows variety)."

Medicare Fraud: All Talk, No Action

By Leslie Paige
WasteWatcher, April 2014 

The Medicare Trust Fund, which is in the red and on track to reach insolvency by 2026, needs every penny it can get.  Thanks to the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program, $8.2 billion in improper Medicare payments has been recovered since... more

Showdown at Medicare Part D Corral

By Elizabeth Wright
WasteWatcher, April 2014

Medicare Part D is one of the few government-created programs that has consistently cost less than the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) original estimates.  Every fall, seniors get to choose from a variety of plans for their drug coverage. ... more

Obamaloans: The Bank of ACORN

By William M. Christian
WasteWatcher, April 2014

After the public humiliation of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) in late 2009 and its subsequent dissolution (at least at the national level) by early 2010, one might have thought that the national shakedown group was... more

Don’t Expand Government Broadband

By Deborah Collier
WasteWatcher, April 2014

On March 18, 2014, I had the opportunity to attend the Free State Foundation’s Sixth Annual Telecom Policy Conference.  Keynoted by Commissioner Mignon Clyburn,... more

Murkowski’s Folly

Sean Kennedy
WasteWatcher, April 2014

The first rule of communications is crafting an effective message. 

A March 11, 2014 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times by former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt provided a unique... more

ObamaCare = Slouching Toward the PIIGS

By Elizabeth Wright
WasteWatcher, March 2014


PIIGS is the acronym for the European countries of Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.  These countries represent the most at-risk... more

Lights, Camera, Action? Not Without Tax Incentives

By P.J. Austin
WasteWatcher, March 2014


State governments across the country have enacted movie production incentives (MPIs), most commonly through tax credits, in an attempt to lure that business to their states.  While the expenditures on these tax incentives are easily... more

Inspect What You Expect

By William M. Christian
March 2014

During my previous career in the Marine Corps, one of my superiors offered the following advice when supervising subordinates:  “Inspect what you expect.”  In other words, do more than just assign a task and then... more

Bah Humbug! You’re A Mean One, Uncle Sam

By Alexandra Booze
WasteWatcher, March 2014


The Christmas season may be long departed, but the Grinch (in the form of Uncle Sam) is working hard to dampen the magic of the holiday season by stealing the gift of a free market system right out from under the noses of U.S. taxpayers.

H... more

Court Rules on Net Neutrality

By Deborah Collier
WasteWatcher, March 2014

In 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a Broadband Policy Statement to define the principles of an “open Internet” in response to claims that Internet service providers were unfairly restricting access to content.  The FCC stated that an individual should have an... more