“CAGW members are an iconoclastic bunch skeptical about politicians' promises.” - National Journal


WasteWatcher is CAGW's monthly dispatch to members of the news media. Culled from dense General Accounting Office reports, obscure news items, and the occasional account of a whistleblower, WasteWatcher's stories captured headlines by transforming the dry matter of federal financial management into side-splitting -- albeit infuriating -- tales of government ineptitude.

The North Carolina Winston-Salem Journal said of WasteWatcher that it is "a monthly publication that probably deserves wider dissemination than it gets...even heavily discounted to allow for the ax CAGW is grinding, the news from its reports is high in shock value and humor (of the gallows variety)."

The List Nobody Wants to Make: The 2015 GAO High Risk List

By Leslie Paige
WasteWatcher, February 2015

Anyone who has spent time on social media in recent years has inevitably noticed the proliferation of lists.  There are lists associated with everything from... more

Home Mortgage Crisis 2.0: FHA Policies Portend Peril for Taxpayers

By William M. Christian

WasteWatcher, February 2015

On February 11, 2015, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro testified before the House Financial Services Committee at an oversight hearing on the Federal Housing Administration.  The hearing was... more

Prime Cuts 2015: Bipartisan Proposals Included

By Sean Kennedy

WasteWatcher, February 2015

After expanding control of the House of Representatives and taking over the Senate in the November 2014 elections, Republicans have a clear mandate to reduce spending.

The forthcoming Prime Cuts 2015 by Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW), which was first published in 1993, contains 601 recommendations that would... more

The Internet Showdown

By Deborah Collier
WasteWatcher, February 2015

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler has set February 26, 2015, as the date when the agency will meet and... more

When Will Congress Fix the 340B Drug Discount Program?

By Elizabeth Wright

WasteWatcher February 2015

The 340B drug discount program was created in 1992 to help uninsured, impoverished individuals obtain low-cost prescription drugs.  Unfortunately, the program has strayed far from its original intent, as pharmacies and hospitals are enriching themselves at the expense of the intended beneficiaries of the program.

... more

Keeping the Skies Safe

By P.J. Austin

WasteWatcher, February 2015

As air travel becomes ubiquitous, the federal government must ensure that the crowded skies are both friendly and safe.  In order to reassure the public that these objectives can be achieved, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) air traffic control system must be modernized and air traffic controllers must be adequately... more

Preempting State Law Is a Slippery Path

By Deborah Collier
WasteWatcher, February 2015

On February 2, 2015, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler released a statement supporting the petitions from Chattanooga, Tennessee and Wilson, North Carolina requesting federal preemption of state laws that... more

McAuliffe’s Shakedown in Charlottesville: Highway Robbery

By William M. Christian

WasteWatcher, February 2015

“Road to Rio” was a popular 1947 installment of the “Road” series of comedies starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour.  But in 2015, it is “Rio Road” that is not sitting well with audiences in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The $84 million project would create a grade-separated intersection (GSI) proposed at the... more

114th Congress: The New Sheriff(s) in Town (Senate edition)

By William Christian
Wastewatcher, January 2015

In the last 60 years, since Republicans relinquished their Senate majority to the Democrats on January 3, 1955, the Grand Old Party has controlled the United States Senate for only 16 years (plus four months*), and they shared control with the House of Representatives for only 10 of those years, as well as the... more

The FCC’s Taxpayer Funded Holiday Spending Spree

By Deb Collier
Wastewatcher, January 2015

With the holidays behind them, Americans are determining the aftermath of their annual holiday spending spree.  For the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the spending spree at taxpayer expense has just begun.  On December 11, 2014, the FCC... more